Archduke Percival Edmonton

Archduke Percival Edmonton, Prince of Mars, Lord of Warton and the surrounding territories


A fit sixty, the Archduke is a stern administrator and a proper British royal. Surprisingly, this has not at all endeared him to the general populace of Mars.

Edmonton’s mandate was to create a weapons-manufacturing resource out of Mars that had never been equaled in history. In order to reach his goals, the Archduke was forced to resort to ever-more draconian measures in order to induce the populace to give up their own needs — building homes, childcare, growing food — in favor of manning his factories. Eventually the martians had enough, and rebellion began.

Today Mars is on the brink of all-out war, one that Archduke Edmonton is ill-prepared for. He is beset on all sides, and drastically undermanned to repel hordes of revolutionaries. Further, Edmonton seems out of favor in England, and help may be further away than ever.


Archduke Percival Edmonton

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