Captain Morganna Fox

Captain of the Gargoyle's Slipper


Captain Fox is a fearsome and fearless pirate, with a reputation for quick and brutal decision-making. She is likely approaching fifty, though no one has ever been brave enough to ask, and while her beauty has turned from bloom to flower, she certainly has not faded.

The Gargoyle’s Slipper was Fox’s third command, but it will forever remain her most infamous. Fortunes were gained and lost, and no one but she will ever know the true extent of the treasure plundered from Europe’s ships. It is certain that vast sums of wealth are hidden all over the known worlds. The merest rumor of a “Fox-map” is enough to send treasure hunters scurrying.

Currently, following the wreck of the Slipper, Captain Fox has found herself the “guest” of Archduke Percival Edmonton, Prince of Mars and Lord of Warton and surrounding territories. The relationship seems cordial, if strained.


Captain Morganna Fox

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